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LG 3.1 Home Cinema Set with 160 GB HDD Recorder and Active Subwoofer

The reason you go to the movie hall to watch a film is, of course, to be able to experience it that much more completely than you can at home. You can immerse yourself totally in all the exciting action when the movies play on large screens with overwhelming audio. With this LG 3.1 Home Cinema set with 160 GB hard disc, however, you get to sit right in the middle of the most thrilling action scenes at home! In spite of its compact design, this set with 3 speakers and an active subwoofer produces 400 watts of output and envelops you with the surround sound from its various Dolby and DTS decoders. You can enjoy wonderful HD image quality when you connect the DVD player/Hard disc recorder via HDMI to your HD television, thanks to the full HD 1080p upscaling option. It goes without saying, that you can also enjoy listening to your favourite songs in addition to watching movies, on a CD or by plugging your MP3 player into the 3.5 mm jack or the USB connection. If you need to travel regularly, and yet do not want to miss the last episode of your favourite serial, all you need to do is record the programme on the 160 GB hard disc recorder! Similarly, when there are two programmes playing simultaneously and you want to watch them both, you can simply use the Record and Play feature to record one and watch the other. With its winning combination of versatile functionality and great looks, this set has earned itself a spotlit place in all kinds of interiors. So if you want to watch movies like Starwars, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park or Wanted the way they are meant to be watched, you cannot afford to miss this LG 3.1 Home Cinema Set with 160 GB HDD recorder and active subwoofer!
  • Brand: LG
  • Type: LG HRT403DA 3.1 Home Cinema Set
  • 160GB HDD (max 477 hours recording in MLP mode)
  • Full HD 1080p Up-scaling
  • Total output: RMS 400W
  • Output capacity: frontspeakers 80Wx2
  • Output capacity: centrespeaker 80W
  • Output capacity Subwoofer: 160W (Active)
  • Decoder: Dolby Digital / Dolby Prologic II / DTS / DSP Sound Mode / 2CH Stereo (By-pass) / VSM
  • Connections: HDMI / USB Plus / DV in / Digital in / Composite in / Composite out / Component in / Scart / S-VHS / AUX
  • Simplink
  • Maximum DVD Playback
  • Super Multi DVD Recording
  • Playback formats: DVD / CD (-R/-RW) / MP3 / MP3 ID3 Tag / DVD-R/RW / DVD+R/RW / DVD+R Double Layer / VCD / SVCD / WMA / JPEG / Progressive JPEG / CDG / DivX / XviD
  • Recordable disc format: DVD-RAM / DVD+R/ RW / DVD+R (8.5GB Double Layer) / DVD-R/ RW
  • Advanced Time-Shift (max 6 hours)
  • FM-tuner with RDS
  • Simultaneous Record & Play
  • Remote control works via Subwoofer and Receiver System 3.1 Home Cinema
  • Dimensions receiver (H x B x D): 4.9 cm x 43 cm x 27.5 cm
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kasimir User


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CKone1982 User

funzt bei euch der verfügbarkeitsbalken???

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Vulper User


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studikerkudi User

scheint ne attrappe zu sein…

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Nokialine User

Kann mir mal schnell einer sagen seit wann ibood das hier so rasent abzieht? Dachte es gibt nur Tagesschnapper.

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fratoaxli User

immer mal wieder nokia

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falk44 User

preis scheint okay zu sein


billigster preis im netz ist 369

also derjenige der sowas noch nich hat sollte zuschlagen…

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falk44 User

kauft leute kauft… ich will was was ich gebrauchen kann ^^

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